Saturday, April 18, 2015

Faucet cover

It is about the time I start child proofing my house. He doesn't move around to much yet though. He just started crawling a little the other day and didn't make it very far. He does however, go crazy in the bath tub. He moves around a lot and even tries to climb out of his little tub. He's nine months now and I think he's ready to move from his little guy bath to the actual bath tub. First thing he always does is tries to stand on the very edge of his little bath and grab the bath tub faucet. So, I think a faucet cover is in order. No big deal, I'll check out Amazon to see which one is the cutest...

I would have never imagined buying a faucet cover for the bath tub to be so tedious. Some of them fit differently then others, some are mold resistant and some aren't, some are plastic and some are foam. Some shoot water out of 5 different places and some make bubbles. Wow, all I want is a damn cover for the faucet so my baby doesn't ram his head into it. I've been looking at them for over an hour trying to decide which one is going to work. This is ridiculous and to top it off I am about to pay $10.00 for something so simple (or is it?) I think I just talked myself out of it. At this point I'll just wrap a towel around the thing and tie it tight with hair ties.

Of course after looking at those, I get sucked into all the other bath tub baby proofing products. I will need a slip proof mat so his little bottom doesn't slip across the tub. Or there is "non slip stickers" I could choose instead if I want to avoid a moldy bath mat. But then these stickers may not work as well as the mats. Ugh. We need a drain stopper and preferably one that he can't grab on and pull off. He's going to need some toys besides his ducky, now that his bath space is expanding. (Make sure to get toys that won't attracted mold and possibly BPA free) Should I get the water thermometer to test the water temp or can I trust my own judgement? Oh neat, they have a faucet cover with a built in thermometer! Even more neat, they have a toy organizer that goes across the whole tub. But $20.00 for a plastic tray/basket?! No thanks.

I wonder if I had all this bath stuff when I was a baby. It's amazing all the things they come out with for us moms to ponder over on whether our baby needs it or not. Today I saw a product called Neat Cheeks or something like that. They are flavored wipes. The wipes or rags you use to clean your baby's face after lunch aren't cut'n it anymore. To have a fussy-free happy, clean baby - you need these flavored wet wipes. When I saw this, right away I thought..YES! I NEED THESE! MY BABY NEEDS THESE! I'm glad I don't act on my first thought. A flavored wipe? Really?? Sure my baby would love the sweet taste on his lips rather then the oh so terrible water from the rag that I usually use. But my baby will never have these flavored wipes. I will never pay for them and even if someone gifted them to me, I don't think I would want to use them. I love my baby more then anything in the world but those he can live without. He can put up a little fit when mommy wipes his face. He's only nine months, he better get used to it.

I, like most moms, want the very best for my child. I want him to be safe and happy and if that means spending a little extra..I most likely will. On stuff that matters though. I most likely will be buying a faucet cover because I am okay with spending $10.00 if it means avoiding an accidental hit to the head from the metal faucet and I hurting baby. So let the baby proofing begin!

And when I finally do decide on which faucet cover/bath mats/etc to use...I'll share my reviews on the products. Hopefully they will be positive ones.

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