Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Carrier!

So, here in the Tampa Bay area we have get together for moms and kids called "Learn and Plays" At these Learn and Plays we hangout, talk, let the kids run around in the park (which is usually where these things take place) and there is usually someone from Tampa Bay Babywearing and/or anyone who wants to who will bring a bunch of  different brand baby carriers for anyone to try out, from ring slings to the famous Tula's.  If you're from the Bay Area and into baby wearing or you're interested in what all the hype is about then I highly advise you to look into attending one of these meetups! I try to make it to at least one a month. Everyone has been so friendly and very much helpful to me and my baby wearing interests. I have made some great friends and have had a pleasant experience every time. 

My old carrier (dyed) Infantino Mei Tai Sash (up for sale)
Last week I went to one with a friend of mine. I ended up trying on a baby carrier and right away I fell in love with it. It fit perfectly, felt comfortable and my son (who always loves to be held) loved it too. I just had to have this carrier! My son is getting too big for the one I have now. Which is a Infantino Mei Tai Sash, it was a cheap and comfy! But he is just getting way too heavy for it anymore. Plus I really want to back carrier and the one I fell in love with is perfect for back carrying. 

So I have upgraded to another carrier. This one is called Lillebaby Airflow. They are great for this hot FL weather and you can carry your baby/toddler many different ways. The back support is amazing!  I ordered mine 2 days ago and can not wait for it to get here! Once I get it and use it for a few days I will make a new post with my review on it. Right now at their website, they are having a sale on them and with free shipping. 

Wearing my baby has had so many rewards and just plain makes my life easier. 

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